Process and Pricing

The initial vocal presence coaching process is three sessions:


The first session is 2 hours during which I find out about you, your overall objectives, pinpoint the vocal qualities that are not working for you, teach you the vocal exercises based on the Five Element Framework, and then together we develop suggested readings, poetry, or songs to practice to help you develop the vocal qualities that need to be enhanced.


In the following two sessions, each 1 ½ hours long, we review the vocal exercises and practices and refine what you need to do to be most effective. Areas that we might address include:


Non-Verbal Communication: Deconstructing the types of non-verbal communication that enhance vocal presence and increase your confidence: how you stand, how you walk, your facial expressions, how to use your hands when speaking are a few of the techniques we will explore.


Vocal Technique: Focusing on breathing which is the basis for projecting your voice so others can hear you.


Presentation Preparation: Giving quality presentations that aligns your intention with the message, and tells a story in the most succinct and engaging way.


At the end of the third session, you will receive a practice plan that includes breathing and vocal exercises, as well as suggestions of songs and readings to enhance your vocal strengths.




The cost of the first three sessions is $1,200. This includes face-to-face sessions and the development of a plan designed just for you.


In the DC area, we will arrange to meet in your office or my home studio. After the initial 3 sessions, the organizational hourly rate is $300/hr. Individuals paying out of pocket are billed at $125/hr.


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