I’m Kari Uman, and I’m passionate about helping leaders get their intended message across to their audience. I do this through a methodology called Vocal Presence.


About Kari

Imagine ……


This is the day you have been waiting for.


You stride onto the stage of the auditorium. Your shoulders are back, your posture straight, there’s a smile on your face, and you exude confidence.


You take out your notes, take a couple of slow, deep breaths, and begin talking. Your voice is smooth – no um’s or ah’s. There is a resonance to your voice that makes it pleasing to hear. You modulate your tone, pace and volume to support the message and keep the audience engaged.


At the end of your presentation, everyone rises - as if by a signal - and gives you a standing ovation. You pick up your notes, and stride off the stage, knowing that your vocal presence, vocal qualities, and body all combined to achieve the vocal presence you desired.


What would it take for you to achieve this vocal presence? I can help you bridge the gap between the presence you currently demonstrate and where you would like to be in the future.


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“I had the good fortune of meeting with Kari just a few days before I was to do my first webinar. I was concerned because 191 people had registered, and I certainly wanted it to go well. Upon mentioning my concern to Kari, she took me to a piano where I followed her voice intonations, from deep and powerful all the way to light and airy. After each, Kari asked how I felt and where the energy was coming from in my body.


In some ways this was a transformational experience. I have always been soft-spoken and almost halting in speaking - anything but powerful. Kari helped me realize I could speak with a far more commanding voice in the webinar. I practiced the vocal exercises diligently and even put notes around me during the webinar to remind me to maintain a strong voice, implying confidence in my subject material.


I did well: I received high ratings and gained three new clients from the webinar. I am amazed at how critically important vocal presence is to leadership presence and how Kari’s coaching made all the difference.”


- John Keyser

Leadership Coach

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