Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to know how to sing to improve my vocal presence?


No, our vocal exercises do not require you to sing.


2. During a coaching session, you use a piano to teach me the exercises. How will I practice them?


You don’t need a piano. I’ve created a YouTube video that you can use to practice each exercise. You can view it here.


3. Can I practice these exercises in my office or my car?


I wouldn’t recommend practicing in your office it unless you have lots of soundproofing. It will be too distracting to practice while driving so it is better to practice these exercises at home.


4.  Will these exercises make me feel awkward?


They may in beginning, because like all growth and change, they require you to step outside your comfort zone.  But you will get more comfortable with them over time.


5. Do I need to buy any books or DVDs?


No, although you might want to read “Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence" by Barbara McAfee. She is the person who taught me this process.


6.  What is the process you use to help me develop my vocal presence and how much does it cost?


Please see the page on process and pricing.


7. What do I do to get started?


Contact me or call me at 703.798.5892.

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