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My vocal presence work allows me to draw upon my life and professional experience to help you achieve the vocal and leadership presence you need to be successful - whether giving a presentation, preparing for an interview, or trying to engage your workforce in supporting your vision and mission. My experiences and professional training include:


● Being a certified leadership coach specializing in leadership presence: I can help you identify the issues that are getting in the way of demonstrating both the leadership and vocal presence you want to achieve and developing action plans to address them


● Being a trained singer: I can help you use your voice effectively and develop the qualities that help you project confidence


● Conducting training in organizations for over 30 years: I know what it takes to keep your audience engaged


● Teaching communication skills for over 30 years: I can help you increase your awareness of how to use your body to display confidence by giving you just-in-time feedback when you are preparing for a presentation, or interviewing for a promotion, so you can make the necessary changes immediately.


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Kari Uman

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